Import List of Subscribers/Numbers To a Campaign


A list of numbers/subscribers can be added to a campaign.


Contact support with the following information to add a list of numbers to a campaign:

  • Written confirmation that the number owners are fully aware of how their numbers will be used.
  • List of Numbers to be added
  • Business Name 
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Keyword
  • Import Mode

Note: You should mention Import Mode with your request. For example, if you do not want to send a request to these numbers to join, they will be added with "Active, No Message" option and will be able to receive texts immediately.

Available Import Mode options are: 

  1. "Not Active, Send Auth" - Waiting for "JOIN" reply from the subscriber
  2. "Active, No Message" - Silent import (no messages to subscribers) and marked as verified
  3. "Active, Opt-In Only" - Basic message to the subscriber ("you joined, reply STOP to cancel") and marked as verified
  4. "Active, Opt-In, Campaign Message" - Two messages for the subscriber (basic and welcome) and marked as verified
  5. "Active, 1st Campaign Message" - Welcome message to the subscriber (as configured in the campaign settings) and marked as verified

For the Import Mode "Not Active, Send Auth", the subscribers will have unverified status until any one of the following happens:

  1. Manual confirmation from reseller/customer support by following this article. 
  2. SMS confirmation by "JOIN" reply to the campaign that requires "Double Opt-In" (only for the campaigns where subscriber did not opt-in yet)
  3. Joining the new campaign by SMS keyword (only for the campaigns where the subscriber did not opt-in yet) 


Note: An agent with SUPER admin access to the Engage Admin Dashboard can fulfill this request.

Follow these steps to add the given list of numbers to a campaign:

  1. Log in to the Engage Admin Dashboard
  2. Click on the Business Search tab and search for the provided business name:

  3. Log into this Business as SUPER.

    This will open the dashboard of the reseller to which this business belongs.
  4. Click Businesses in the left panel of this dashboard.

  5. Search for the given Business Name and then click Log In.

  6. A new tab will be opened with the business dashboard. Click on the Subscribers tab.
  7. Select the desired campaign name and click Import.
  8. Select the requested Import Mode, copy the numbers into the text box, and click Save.
  9. The number of subscribers added in the previous step appears in an Import Tally report.


  1. Navigate to the Merchant/Business Dashboard by following steps 1 - 5. This will open the business dashboard in a new tab.
  2. Navigate to Campaigns > Single Campaigns in the left panel. Here you can search for the updated campaign to confirm that the subscribers' count has been updated.
  3. Click Subscribers in the left panel and select the name of the campaign with keyword from the search dropdown menu. Here you can confirm the status of all the subscribers of the campaign.
  4. You can view the detailed report of a subscriber by following the steps in this article.




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