Difference In Analytics In Merchant Account and Reseller Account


There is a difference observed between analytics in the Merchant/Business account and the Reseller account. The analytics for a business/merchant don't show opt-ins or check-ins for several months yet the reseller dashboard shows that there have been some check-ins in the past month or so. In such cases, many of the reseller's businesses have birthday campaigns.


This is not an issue but the reason for this is that analytics from the business account needs keywords for data to be populated. On the reseller account, the analytics can be populated without the keywords.

  • Business accounts get data from the keyword
  • Reseller accounts get data from the campaign ID

Birthday-only campaigns can be set up without a keyword. So when creating a birthday-only campaign, if setting a keyword is skipped, there would be a difference between the analytics of the merchant account and the reseller account. In order for the analytics data to be the same on both merchant and reseller accounts, set keywords for campaigns that don't have it.

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