Verification Of Customer's Rewards Information by Merchant Without Tablet


There could be a situation when the Loyalty tablet is not working at all and customers' rewards information cannot be verified from it. You may want to know if a merchant/business can have the ability to access the system online to check to see if their customers have qualified for their loyalty rewards. Merchants/businesses verify this information from their Bespeak Loyalty tablet when customers want to redeem their rewards.


At present, there is no way that a merchant can verify from the online system if a customer has hit the reward tier. The Licensee/Reseller can provide access to merchants/businesses belonging to them to the online system by following instructions in the article Providing Merchants with Access to the Business Dashboard. But this access to the business dashboard will not enable the merchant to verify from the customer number that they have hit the reward tier of a campaign. The Analytics tab in the left panel of the Engage Business Dashboard provides only an overview of various aspects of a campaign for all its subscribers and not just one.






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