Checking a customer's Rewards Information without a tablet


The Bespeak Loyalty tablet for one of your merchants is not working, thus he cannot check a customers' Rewards information using the tablet. As a reseller, you want to know if a merchant/business can check if their customers have qualified for their loyalty rewards in any other way than via tablet.


At the present moment, there is no way that a merchant can verify if a customer has hit the reward tier other than via tablet.

As a workaround, a reseller can search for the particular customer's phone number against that merchant in a Reward Report, as below:

  1. Log in to the Reseller Engage Dashboard as 'Admin' and go to Reports > Rewards.
  2. Select the correct Merchant Name for the Business field.
  3. Set a custom range for Dates.
  4. Type the last four digits of the subscriber's phone number into the 'Search' field (the full number will be hidden in the reseller dashboard report).
  5. Click 'View' to check the details of the reward earned.
  6. If you are unable to find an entry, the subscriber has not earned a reward.

Alternatively, you can open a support ticket providing the merchant name and subscriber's phone number for an agent to check the Rewards information for you.

<supportagent>Agents only:

To check the Rewards Information for a merchant's customer, log in to the Engage Dashboard as a Super Admin and follow the same steps above but search for the complete phone number rather than just the last four digits in step #4.

Once you have the information, please inform the reseller.</supportagent>




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