Bespeak Engage Platform Inaccessible - Error 503


When you try to access your Engage Admin Dashboard, the site is inaccessible and you see the following error:

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


Contact support providing your Licensee/Reseller Name and they will investigate and fix this issue ASAP.


Confirm this issue by attempting to access the licensee site yourself from the Engage Admin Dashboard for support. Search for the Reseller Name in the Manage Resellers tab and attempt to log in as ADMIN. You might be able to log in as SUPER admin but this doesn't mean that the site is available to the reseller also. 

Elevate to SaaS with sev-1 priority.

If more licensee sites are affected then it could be because of Bespeak MW. After confirmation from SaaS, inform the customer about the Maintenance Window and the expected time in which their site would become accessible.




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