System Continues To Suspend Reactivated Merchant Account


You reactivate a merchant account many times but the system continues to suspend it. The billing method of this account is set to "invoice".


The reason for this issue could be that the respective purchase plan SMS/MMS message price is set to $0.

The system is unable to charge plans with zero value which causes the account to suspend after reactivation. Update the price of the purchase plan being used by this merchant to $0.01 by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Reseller Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click Businesses in the left panel and search for the merchant with its business name.
    Note the Plan name of this merchant.
  3. Now click Purchase Plans in the left panel and search for the purchase plan name noted in the previous step and click Edit under the Actions column.
    This will open the form to edit this plan.
  4. Update the relevant SMS/MMS price here click Save.

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