Requesting Support To Setup Old Birthday Campaigns For Next Few Months


You have birthday campaigns set up for businesses/merchants belonging to you. The monthly broadcasts scheduled for these birthday campaigns previously have been sent out and now you want new broadcasts created and scheduled for the next few months. You want to request Bespeak support to help you set up these campaigns for the next few months since this is quite time-consuming. You also want support to identify that for which of your businesses/merchants does this needs to be done.


This is out of scope for the support team and we can only provide instructions on how to do this. You can coordinate this with your Bespeak Account Manager.


CS can elevate such requests to BU.


You can consult Creating a Broadcast KB article to create broadcasts for all the already existing campaigns. This needs to be done on a yearly basis or longer depending on how many months you have set up the birthday campaigns for.



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