Disable Check-in Message Received From Campaign With Only Birthday Rewards


You have set up a campaign in Bespeak with only birthday rewards associated with it. To test this Birthday rewards only campaign, you text a keyword to it and you receive a check-in message in reply from the campaign such as follows:

"Thanks for Checking in. You have (blank) checkins until your next reward!"

Also, the campaign now shows a warning of "Keyword" in use. You want to disable this check-in message.


The campaign Advanced Settings > Basic Tablet Preferences > Message :: Checkin Confirmation setting is responsible for sending the message reported - "Thanks for Checking in. You have (blank) checkins until your next reward!". You will need to disable it in the Campaign Advanced Settings.

If this setting had already been disabled in your campaign, then it is possible that the campaign on the kiosk has not been updated. This can be done very quickly by following the article on Refreshing the Campaign Data on the Tablet After Making Changes. This will pull a fresh copy of the campaign from your dashboard and will prevent the message from being sent to any new subscribers to the birthday club campaign.

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