Resend attempts after failed broadcast


It is possible that one or more attempts to send a broadcast may fail, for example due to image size in MMS messages. In such cases, in order to avoid sending them out multiple times, you may want to make sure that:

  1. No messages were sent out, and
  2. No further attempts will be made by the system to resend these messages.


It is important to know that the system only attempts to resend failed messages when there has been a temporary network failure.

To verify that no messages were sent:

  1. Go to the merchant page.
  2. Navigate to Broadcasts > Broadcast history.
  3. Locate the broadcast and press Details to ensure that no messages were sent.

You may also navigate to Analytics, select the campaign, and see how many messages were sent.

If you wish, you may export the campaign subscribers to a CSV file and filter out the opt-outs, which should give you an idea of how whether the number of subscribers matches the number of messages sent out.



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