Curbside Pickup Subscribers Not Receiving Welcome Messages


The welcome message is not being sent when adding a subscriber to receive a Curbside pickup type of message.


Check if the options to send the Welcome Message are enabled in the Edit a Client Account page for the campaign in the curbside account. You can enable welcome message settings in an active curbside campaign by following the steps below:


Support agents can log in as ADMIN to the Reseller's dashboard via the Engage Admin Dashboard for support by searching in the Manage Resellers tab for the Reseller's name.


  1. From your Reseller Engage Admin Dashboard, navigate to Curbside > Home.

  2. Find the Merchant for which you want to enable Curbside Welcome Message. Click on Campaign List.



  3. Click Edit for the desired campaign.


  4. The Edit a Client Account page will appear with the Options tab open:


    You can set the following options on the Edit a Client Account page above to enable Welcome Message for new subscribers:
    • Determine whether you want to "Always send a Welcome Message to Customer" when created in Curbside.
    • Enter the "Welcome Message" that is sent when the customer is added to the paging list. 
  5. Click Next. This will open the Message Types tab. 
  6. Click Next again. This will open the Columns tab.
  7. Click Save.

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