Curbside Pickup ::client:: field not picking the exact campaign name


The welcome message for a Curbside account is set in the following way when you enable Curbside Pickup for a Merchant :


where ::client:: is a dynamic variable that has the name of the Campaign associated with Curbside.

It may happen that the ::client:: field is not picking up the exact campaign name associated with the Curbside account which is noticed in the messages that are sent out to subscribers/customers. When you check the Account Details and the campaign settings of the business, you see that the exact company/business name is not being picked up by this dynamic variable. 


This issue was reported and fixed in JIRA PLSMS-2219.

The workaround before the fix was:

  • Remove the ::client:: shortcut
  • Manually type the business name in the message
  • Test the message

Note: Refer to the article Enabling Curbside Pickup for a Merchant to find the process to update messages in Curbside.



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