Move Subscribers To Other Campaign/s


You may want to move some subscribers from one campaign to other campaign/s while retaining some in the same campaign.


Contact support with the details of your request including:

  • Reseller Name
  • Relevant campaigns names. (With Respective Keywords If The Names Are Same)
  • Business Name to which the campaigns belong
  • The number of subscribers to move


If there are a large number of subscribers to be moved, elevate to the Engineering team so they can fulfill this request by using a few database queries. It can take many hours to move hundreds of subscribers one by one if this is attempted from the UI.

If there are only a few subscribers that need to be moved between campaigns, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Business Dashboard via the Engage Admin Dashboard for support by searching for the given Business name in the Business Search tab and login with the BUSINESS option.
  2. Download the list of subscribers that need to be moved from the original campaign by following the steps below:
      1. Navigate to subscribers in the left panel.
      2. Select the source campaign from the CAMPAIGN dropdown menu.
      3. Click CSV
  3. Access the Reseller Dashboard as SUPER admin via the Engage Admin Dashboard for support by searching for the reseller name in the Manage Resellers tab. Choose the SUPER option to log in.
  4. Click Subscribers in the left panel and note the IDs of the subscribers by searching for their numbers one by one on this page.
  5. Navigate to Super Admin > Edit Tables from the left panel.
  6. Click EDIT for the Table Name Campaign.

  7. Search for the given Campaigns Names and note their IDs in the field eni_campaign_id.
    If there is more than 1 campaign with the same name, the customer would provide the keywords of the campaigns to differentiate between them. Note the correct IDs by confirming the keyword from the keyword column. Close this pop-up after noting the IDs.
  8. Click EDIT for the Table Name Campaign Map.
  9. Click Advanced Search here.

  10. Select eni_campaign_id and enter the campaign ID of the campaign from where you want to move and select eni_user_id and enter a subscriber's ID that needs to be moved to the new campaign
  11. Click the edit icon (pencil) and change its eni_campaign_id to the campaign ID of the campaign where you want the subscriber to move and click Update.




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