Broadcast Analytics Show Text Broadcast Is Sent Multiple Times


You schedule a broadcast message for a merchant/business but you do not receive it at the scheduled time. When you check the broadcast analytics, you see that there were many more messages sent as compared to the number of recipients/subscribers.

You do not want the subscribers to receive that same message multiple times.


The reason for this could be an outage with long codes. Contact support with the following information and they will investigate and fix this issue:

  • Merchant/Business Name
  • Broadcast Date and Time

Note:  The message resend in the system is attempted within 2hrs of broadcast only. If it continuously fails then a new broadcast would need to be created. So this means that if the outage is longer than 2 hrs, the multiple messages won't be sent to the subscribers.


You can see the broadcast analytics for this broadcast by following these steps:

  1. Log in to Engage Admin Dashboard.
  2. Search for the business in the Businesses tab.
  3. Log in to the Business dashboard by clicking on the BUSINESS login option. This will open the Business Dashboard in a new tab.
  4. Navigate to Broadcasts > Broadcasts History in the left panel.
  5. Search for the broadcast with the given Date and Time and click the DETAILS action button for it.

Elevate to the Engineering team with the provided information. The Engineering team should ensure that the broadcast message is not resent multiple times, even if the outage is for less than 2 hrs.




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