Can't Add A New Merchant


You may not be able to create a merchant account in Bespeak. After you fill out all the fields with the merchant details, the form doesn't move forward after saving.


Note: This issue was related to the payment processor maintenance and it affected Engage's business/merchant creation. It has now been resolved in Bepseak v2021.3.

If you face this issue now, contact support with your reseller name, and they will investigate and resolve it.


Reproduce Issue

You can try to reproduce the issue by executing the following steps:

  1. Log in to Engage Reseller account as ADMIN from the Manager Resellers tab in the Engage Admin Dashboard for support.
  2. Navigate to the Businesses tab and click New
  3. Complete all the relevant fields and select a payment plan
  4. Click Save


You can execute the following troubleshooting steps in any order to resolve this issue. Some steps you can test with the client in a zoom call and some you can test on your own.

  • Go through the business/merchant creation process on the client's account on their machine, confirming that all of the fields are populated before saving. 
  • Confirm that it isn't a Grammarly extension conflict by disabling the extension. Disable the Grammarly extension when saving merchant account, as it is known to cause issues when saving Thrive changes.
  • Confirm that it isn't the reporter's local issue by also trying to create a merchant from your machine.
  • Confirm that it isn't restricted to the reporter's account by trying on an internal Bespeak account also. 
  • Open the browser's developer tools to look for errors. You could see a 500 error is generated when submitting the new business form.
  • Confirm if the issue is present with VPN on/off.

  • Try using a different browser, for example, edge or firefox.

If the issue is not resolved after troubleshooting, elevate it to the Engineering team.


You can follow the steps to reproduce the issue to test that a new merchant account is being saved. You can search for the newly added merchant in the Business tab of the Engage Admin Dashboard to confirm that the new merchant is added successfully.





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