Set Up And Track Google Reviews For A Business


You may want to know if there is a way to ask customers for google reviews for a business, and if they do give it, then automatically give them a reward/coupon for it. You also want to know the best way to set this up and if these reviews can be tracked.


The Bespeak platform does not have the capability that would allow reviews to be tracked and rewards to be issued.
If you are still interested in directing customers to leave Google reviews there are some possibilities:

  • Create a Google link and use this directly in the review request message. Google provides instructions on generating a link for customer reviews and you could use URL shortening tools if required. See the attached image for an example.
  • A more robust method would require knowledge of HTML or the services of a web developer to create and host at least one webpage that the customer would be directed to instead of the direct link to Google.
    • This landing page would have a simple feedback scale - thumbs up/down, smile/frown - with the positive indicator attached to the Google review link. The negative indicator might just produce a "Thanks for your feedback" popup and close the window or lead to a Contact Us page where they could leave details of the negative experience but that would be a private message to yourself or the business owner, etc.



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