Tablet Not Showing Check-Ins


One of your businesses may have an issue that their tablet is not showing the number of check-ins when a customer checks in. Also when you check the campaign in the Reseller Dashboard, you notice an exclamation mark (!) next to the campaign's keyword, you also cannot view anything from the Employee Guide button and you are unable to go to Tablet Settings for this campaign. But when you test on your own tablet, it shows the check-ins.


The reason for this issue could be the migration of the Bespeak application to long codes/TFNs causing regression in the backend of the campaign. Contact support with the following information and they will investigate and solve this issue:

  • Business Name
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Keyword

Check-In reports of the business and campaign can be viewed by following the steps in Reports - Check-Ins article.

Check-In functionality of the tablet can be tested from the Reseller Dashboard by following the steps in Testing the Check-In Functionality in Engage article.


Elevate to Engineering with the information provided by the customer.




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