Unexpected Footer/Signature In Text Messages


A broadcast is sent out with the signature of a different merchant. The wrong message signature means that there is an unexpected footer has been added to messages that are being broadcast by your merchants. This may include a reference to "Tommy's Pizza".


This is caused by Bespeak's SMS aggregator, Sinch, which handles our messages. Sinch was conducting an audit into their customers' actions through their platform and flagged some of our communications for investigation, because initial communications with them referenced the demonstration campaign "Tommy's", while the same account is now sending messages using different business names. Hence, Sinch may have added a reference like "on behalf of Tommy's Pizza" to our outgoing messages.

If you are facing this issue, please create a support ticket and let us know, including your reseller name the text you'd like to add as a footer to your messages.

NOTE: Keep in mind that adding/removing the message footer is done at the Reseller level; therefore, it will affect all your Merchant accounts.


An agent with super admin access can correct this value by following instructions in the article Creating or Modifying the Message Footer.

Elevate to the Engineering team to investigate why this change happened. It is not something that is editable from a licensee/reseller. Update the customer with the findings of the Engineering team.




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