Thrive Customer Website/s Down


You are notified by a customer that the business website that you provide is down. And when you try to access their website, you see the error: "this site cannot be reached" "<domainname>.com" refused to connect. It is possible that only one customer website is down and the rest are fine, or you could face the same issue when trying to access other customer websites indicating a system-wide outage. The reseller/licensee site is not down and is loading fine.


Check Domain Expiry

If only one customer's website is down, you can first confirm if their domain is expired or not. This can be checked online by navigating to websites like and searching here for the merchant website domain. If the domain is expired, ask the customer to reactivate it with the domain provider.

Update DNS Settings Of Own Domain

We have migrated our Thrive servers from to There is a proxy server that is redirecting the requests coming to to If the proxy server stops working, all the requests would point to the old IP.  The infrastructure Team is now maintaining it and eventually, they will stop servers with old IPs so all the customers having their own domain should update their DNS A records to point to the IP address of instead of as soon as possible. The following old IPs should be changed to the new IPs if any of your domain is pointing to them:

Old IP New IP

In order to change the DNS settings of your domain on please find attached the document: Changing The DNS.pdf

Contact Support

If the issue persists with the one website or if it is a system-wide outage, contact support providing the affected merchant/customer name/s and they will investigate and fix this issue ASAP.


Elevate to SaaS with sev-1 priority.

According to PLSMS-2166, the reason for this issue was the migration of the Thrive server.





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