Printed QR Code Not Working When The Loyalty Tablet Is Not Used


Your customer is unable to join/check-in a campaign using QR code scanning without using the loyalty tablet. What happens is that when the phone camera hovers over the QR code, it opens the Messages app with the message (gateway:::::Click to Send). 


If send button is hit, no welcome message is received.


The reason for this is that when you configure the "Touchless Check-In" feature in the Engage Dashboard using this process, two QR codes are generated:

  • The first one, "Print check-In code," is a static QR code. It generates the text "gateway:::::Click to Send". The extra text after the keyword gateway "::::: Click to Send" does not have a timestamp number and checksum.
  • The second (and the main) QR code is dynamic, and it's generated inside the tablet application. When you turn on the flag "Touchless Check-In" - it's turning on this QR code generation on tablets. 

When the loyalty tablet is not used, the first QR code which is static is being used to join the campaign. The static code is just like an SMS check-in unlike the dynamic code generated inside the tablet. But in order to check-in using this static QR code, you need to remove the extra part (:::::Click to Send). Now when the send button is hit with keyword gateway only, it will be processed by the application simply as an SMS check-in. 


So the customers not using the loyalty tablet, can join a campaign using the static QR code and get the welcome message if you remove the extra text (:::::Click to Send) from the text in the QR code.

You can edit and generate the QR code without extra text with the help of online available tools:


When requested, you can use these above-mentioned tools to generate a QR code without the extra text from the customer's QR code.





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