Billing Date Stuck And Not Advancing


The billing date of a merchant could be stuck and not advancing as the billing cycle is completed.


Please reach out to support with the following information and they will resolve it:

  • Reseller Name
  • Business Name and ID
  • Billing Period
  • Next Billing Date


This is a known issue (PLSMS-2346) and can apparently be caused by disabling/reactivating the merchant account or if the customer manually changes the plans. Elevate this to the Engineering team with the information provided by the client so that they can reinitialize the billing from the backend.

Agents can confirm that the billing date is stuck by following the steps as follows:

  1. Log in to the Engage Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click the Business Search tab and search with the Business Name.
  3. Log in to the business dashboard by clicking BUSINESS log in option for this business.
    A new tab will open for the business dashboard. 
  4. Click on My Account in the left panel and view the billing information. If the next billing date indicated here has already passed, it means that it is stuck.





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