Broadcast Text Message Delivered With Delay


A broadcast text message is delivered but with a delay.


Please reach out to support with the following information and they will investigate and resolve it:

  • Business Name of the business for which the broadcast was delayed
  • Date and Time when the broadcast was supposed to be delivered


It is possible that this delay was caused by an outage in our services. Check if there are any related ZD tickets or JIRA issues that point to this possibility. PLSMS-2291 is related to this issue.

Another reason for this could be an integration issue of Bespeak with Twilio (Bespeak longcodes/TFNs provider) API.

You can view the delayed broadcast analytics by following the article Viewing Broadcasts History Of A Business And A Specific Broadcast's Analytics.

Elevate this issue to the Engineering team with the provided information.


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