Can't Send or Schedule MMS broadcast


You attempt to send or schedule an MMS broadcast, but nothing happens. SMS broadcasts can be scheduled normally. The MMS toggle button in the Engage dashboard will not turn to YES.


If you cannot schedule an MMS broadcast, please consider the following:

  • Ensure you have transitioned to toll-free numbers.
  • Ensure the MMS image size is less than 600 KB.
  • Verify that the issue only affects MMS and not SMS broadcasts.
  • Create a support ticket, mentioning all the results of the above steps providing the name of the business for which you are trying to send the MMS broadcast.

<supportagent>If a customer opens such a request and the listed steps do not help, escalate the case to the Engineering team providing the name of the business for which the reseller is trying to send the MMS broadcast.</supportagent>



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