Unable to Send Message Even After Longcodes Transition Payment


You have paid the transition fee to move to Twilio long codes/TFNs but you are still unable to send messages.


Please reach out to support with the following information and they will investigate and resolve this issue:

  • Reseller Name
  • Proof of Payment


Agents can also email bespeak@ignitetech.com to confirm payment status. Once the payment is confirmed, you can do longcode/TFN migration for the reseller's merchants following the process in the following article: Adding Twilio Long Code/Toll Free Number To a Merchant.

Note: The agent will need to make this migration for all the merchants belonging to this reseller.

Steps to get all the merchants/businesses IDs for the reseller, so the agent can add TFN to them one by one using the process in the above-mentioned article:

  1. Log in to Engage Admin Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Manage Reseller tab and search for the Reseller name.
  3. Login as ADMIN to the reseller account. A new tab will open with the reseller's Engage admin dashboard.
  4. Click on Businesses in the left panel. This will bring up the list of all the businesses belonging to the reseller. Use the ID filed values of businesses that have Active status.




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