Broadcast messages not being sent


When sending out a broadcast, the messages may appear to not have been sent, even if Engage says they have gone out.


Due to policy changes by US mobile carriers, “Shared Shortcode” messaging will no longer be available for Bespeak customers. If your shortcodes are not migrated, the broadcast messages will not be processed. This is likely because you have not agreed to the transition yet. Please find below the contents of the related email that was sent out:

<supportagent>If you receive a related ticket, check this spreadsheet to determine if the customer has agreed to the transition ("OK to transition" column). If they have not, direct them to the contents of this article.</supportagent>


Attention Bespeak Users:


Due to recent policy changes by US mobile carriers, “Shared Shortcode” messaging will no longer be available for Bespeak customers. The date of the actual deactivation of the shared shortcode facility has not been officially announced, and the carriers have not yet enforced it, however, they could choose to do so at any time. The Bespeak support team has identified a path to enable you to continue your service by using individual toll-free numbers for every active merchant account, and this requires coordination and manual provisioning by our support team to migrate your existing shared shortcode numbers. The charge for the switchover to this new service will be a total one-time fee of US $1,500.00.


We are scheduled to effect this switchover on Saturday, June 27th, 2021 and they must be done all together; specific, select timeframes are not available. For your organization to be switched over, we must have your explicit agreement to the one-time charge via email reply by 5:00 p.m. CDT on Thursday, June 17th, 2021 to be assigned the new code(s). If we do not receive your email with the acknowledgment, your shared shortcodes will be deactivated effective June 27th, 2021. 


Once we receive your email acceptance of the one-time provisioning fee, we will email your assigned toll-free number(s) (one per merchant) to you on Friday, June 18th. Your existing shortcode(s) will remain active through the following Friday, June 25th, 2021 so you can prepare and notify your customers about the upcoming change. Other than this new number, no changes to existing campaigns or scheduled broadcasts need to be made, and all messages will be processed as normal through these new numbers, so any mention of your previously shared shortcode in your customer’s messaging should be replaced with your new toll-free number as of June 26th, 2021. 


To avoid any confusion, please note that there will be no overlap period, so inbound messages sent to any new toll-free numbers will not be received prior to June 26th, and inbound messages sent to shared shortcodes will not be received after June 26th. There will be a maintenance window scheduled from midnight to 4:00 a.m. CDT on June 26th to execute this change, so please plan accordingly. We have chosen this time period specifically because of the relatively low usage in consideration of the best approach.


Please note this is a massive change we have to undertake on your behalf and we will be unable to respond to any support requests until after the implementation, so please don’t expect any follow-up until Monday, June 28th, 2021.


Please direct any other inquiries to




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