Unable to Save Campaigns


It can happen that you are unable to save campaign/s for some businesses/merchant accounts. Either the campaign settings form is stuck with no apparent errors or there is an orange line under the keyword indicating that it is already in use or reserved.


This issue can be solved by taking one or more of the following measures: 

Ensure Keyword Is Not In Use Or Reserved

It is also possible that the Keyword you are attempting to use is causing this issue. Make sure that the Keyword you are entering is not in use, or reserved. You can also confirm that the keyword is not in use from the Reports > Keywords option by following steps in this KB article Identifying a Campaign Using a Keyword. 

Clear Browser Cache

You see that the keyword is accepted by the campaign settings at first but when you go to the Advanced Settings of the campaign, the keyword field immediately shows an orange line under it indicating that it is already in use or reserved. You have also confirmed that the keyword is not in use or reserved (Refer to the previous section for how to do this). In this case, the issue is most likely related to the browser cache, and clearing your browser cache and cookies will solve it.

Delete Campaign And Create A New One


You can try to create new test campaigns for the given business account/s and if you are able to save them, recommend to the customer to delete problem campaigns and create new ones. 

Follow this article to log in to the reseller dashboard and then the required business/merchant dashboard as admin and follow this article to create test campaigns in the merchant account.

Note: Don't forget to delete the test campaigns from the business/merchant accounts.


It is observed that deleting the campaigns that can't be saved and creating new ones usually solves this issue if the keyword is not the issue as explained above. 

Contact Support

If the issue persists, contact support providing your Reseller Name and the affected business accounts names, and they will investigate and resolve it.


If the issue is not resolved, elevate the ticket to BU following the escalation path in the routing table




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