Long Code/Toll Free Number For a Newly Added Merchant


After adding a new merchant account a long code/toll-free number will need to be associated with it.


The reason for this is that resellers with Merchants that were using the default short code have now all moved to the Twilio long code/toll-free number option because of the new US mobile carriers' policy according to which Bespeak users are no longer allowed to use "shared short codes" for messaging.

Since long codes/TFNs are unique to each business, they are not automatically added by default when creating a new merchant account as was the case with short codes which were shared by all the merchants subscribed to a reseller. 

Contact support with the following information and they will add Twilio new long code/toll-free number to the new merchant account:

  • Reseller Name
  • Business/Merchant ID
  • Business Name


Follow the steps in the following article:  Adding Twilio Long Code/Toll Free Number To a Merchant.




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