Unable to Log In to the Engage Dashboard


You are unable to log in to the Engage Dashboard.



You can confirm that the account is live/accessible from Engage Admin Dashboard by searching for the client's domain in the Manage Resellers View and then log in as ADMIN. 


If the Reseller name has billing:suspended tag, inform the customer about billing issues and elevate to Account Management.



Please follow these steps to reset the password of your account and you will be able to log in again:

  • Go to your Admin URL: https://www.<yourdomainname>.com/admin/
  • Click on the option "Forgot Password" at the bottom.
  • Enter your email address and you will receive an email with the instructions to set up a new password. 
  • Try to log in again. 

If the issue persists, contact support providing your Reseller/Business name, and they will investigate and resolve it.


If the issue is unresolved, elevate it to SaaS with Sev-1 priority.





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