Changing the Keyword of a Campaign


In some cases, you may want to change the keyword of a Campaign in Bespeak. In this article, you will learn the required steps to perform the change and the effects of this change.


The keyword of a campaign can be changed from the Business/Merchant Dashboard.

Note: Changing the keyword of a campaign does not affect reports or any of its existing subscribers. But if the campaign is attached to a Tablet/Kiosk, update any Text2Join campaign to the new keyword and follow instructions in the article Refreshing the Campaign Data on the Tablet After Making Changes.

The steps to change the keyword of a campaign are given below:


You can access the reseller dashboard by searching for the reseller name in the Manage Resellers of the Engage Admin Dashboard for support and then log in as ADMIN.


  1. Go to Reseller/Licensee Dashboard and click on Reports in the left menu, then click Keywords.
  2. Search for the Campaign's current Keyword.
    The Business name is given with the keyword.
  3. Click the Businesses tab in the left panel and search for the Business name noted in the previous step. Click LOG IN action for the business found.
  4. A new tab will open for the business dashboard. Click Campaigns > Single Campaigns in the left panel.
  5. Search for the keyword and click EDIT action for it.
  6. This will open the page to edit campaign settings. Click Campaign Information to change the keyword. 
  7. Click Save Campaign

Reserved and In Use Keywords

You will see a small orange line below the keyword you have entered in step 6 above, if it is in use or reserved:
Search for the new keyword to see if it is assigned to another Campaign; it is possible that the keyword is used by another Merchant altogether.

  • If it is in use, you can end the related Campaign and delete the keyword.
    NOTE: This will delete the results of the Campaign/sweepstakes as well. You can always record the results first if you wish.
  • Once the keyword is deleted, you may try changing it in the initial Campaign again.

Duplicate Campaign

You may also find the Duplicate Campaign feature useful, as it allows you to create a full copy of an existing Campaign. However, you can only duplicate a Campaign between two merchants under the same Reseller. Refer to the article Duplicating a Campaign for more information.



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