Reactivating Terminated Merchant Account And Its Campaign


You may need to reactivate a terminated merchant account in Bespeak. This will bring back the respective campaign and subscribers also.


In order to reactivate a terminated merchant account, you will need to:

  1. Change the status of the terminated account to suspended.
  2. Purchase a recurring plan for the merchant.
    Important: Customer Support Engineers are not allowed to purchase any plans for any merchant. Only resellers can purchase them.
  3. Contact support with the name of the merchant account and business ID (found from the previous step) so that they can reactivate the campaign from the backend.

Note: You will need to add keywords to the reactivated campaigns. Skip the keywords if you are just broadcasting and not using the tablet, however, analytics would be unavailable if you access them from the business dashboard. This is because analytics from the business account needs keywords for data to be populated. On the reseller account, the analytics can be populated w/o the keywords.

  • Business accounts get data from the keyword
  • Reseller accounts get data from the campaign ID


Note: Agents with SUPER admin access to the Engage Admin Dashboard can reactivate campaigns from the backend.

After the reseller has purchased a recurring plan, execute steps in the last section Reactivating Terminated Merchant Account From The Backend to reactivate the campaign from the backend.

Note: Support agents can access the Reseller's/Licensee's dashboard via the Manage Resellers tab in the Engage Admin Dashboard for support.


Change the Status of the Terminated Account to Suspended

  1. Login to the Reseller/Licensee's Admin dashboard (the access URL is in the following format Click Businesses in the left panel.



  2. Use the slider to Show Terminated accounts.


  3. Use the drop-down on the right to View Account Details.


  4. Click Edit and then change the Account Status to Suspended using the drop-down menu and then click Save


Purchase a Recurring Plan for the Merchant

  1. Login to the Reseller/Licensee's Admin dashboard. Click Businesses in the left panel.

  2. Log in to the merchant account using the login button on the right.


  3. On My Account details page, click on Purchase your Recurring Plan.


    Note: Purchase Plans must have a minimum value of $0.01


  4. Select the appropriate Purchase Plan from the popup modal.

  5. Return to the Licensee dashboard. Copy the Business ID.


Reactivating Terminated Merchant Account From The Backend

  1. Navigate to Super Admin > Edit Tables > Campaign in the Reseller's Dashboard.


  2. Search for the Business ID

    A Campaign Status eni_campaign_status_id of 3 indicates terminated campaigns.


  3. Click Edit (Pencil icon) for the desired campaign(s) and change the eni_campaign_status_id to 1.


    Note: While you can reactivate the campaigns, the keyword information gets automatically erased from terminated campaigns.
  4. Instruct the Licensee to add keywords to the reactivated campaigns to make them functional.




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