Kiosk Tablet WiFi Setup


This article provides information on how to set up the Wi-Fi for Kiosk Connectivity.

The Diagram below shows the general setup for most homes and businesses.


Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Check if you have the following 2 apps on your home screen, if you don't, look in the app section  by pressing the mceclip0.png near the top right corner of your kiosk's home screen.
  2. Press and hold the Icons you want on the home screen, then access the Settings App and press Wi-Fi.
  3. Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Wi-Fi - On.

    3.1 Tips for Basic Wi-Fi Setup:

        1. You have the Wi-Fi password ready and confirm it’s correct.
        2. Test the Wi-Fi with your Smart Phone or Tablet prior to connecting your kiosk, to ensure stability and accessibility. 
        3. Wi-Fi option is turned ON within the kiosk.
        4. You can clearly identify the correct network.
        5. You have confirmed if the client is using broadband internet.

  4. Be sure to press the correct access point or Wi-Fi connection, and have "Show Password" enabled to verify what you have just entered.
  5. Once connected, press the access point again to get the above. This will show you your IP address and signal strength, and your all set!



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