Creating Rewards Program


When setting up an account for a business, a suitable rewards program needs to be set up especially to attract more customers to the business. This article provides a step-by-step walkthrough for creating a rewards structure in Bespeak for any type of business. 


A rewards plan, for example for a recreational bar, could be something like the following:

  • Opt-In Reward: Free $10 High Temple Massage service with any package.
  • Check-In #2 Reward: Free beverage on any package.
  • Check-In #10 Reward: 20% discount on $100 Upgraded service

Note: The number of check-ins to earn a reward and the discount depends on what the merchant/business is willing to offer. 

If you are struggling to come up with an effective rewards program for a specific type of business, you may send an email to for consultation.

Setting Up Rewards

A rewards program is set up in the campaign settings.

  1. In the Business Dashboard click Campaigns > Single Campaign.

  2. Select the campaign that you want to add to the Kiosk > Click EDIT to the right.

  3. Click Rewards. You can add rewards by clicking the +Add button. Choose the types of rewards from the following options.

  4. You will configure these rewards types further.

    The Reward Type options in the above pop-up are:

    One-Time Reward = (5 check-ins / 10 check-ins / 15 check in).
    These rewards will only happen once.

    Recurring Reward = Same rewards that will resolve multiple times.
    The reward pre-requisite period will start over when the reward is reached.

  5. Click Save Campaign.
  6. Under the Engagement tab set your reminders for the subscribers.

  7. Click Save Campaign.




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