Deleting Invoice/Charge and related messages


You may wish to delete an invoice, for example if an unwanted charge was created by mistake for a merchant. Doing so will also delete the SMS/MMS messages that were associated with the charge.


To delete an invoice, create a support ticket with the following information:

  • Business Name
  • Business ID
  • Start date of the order
  • End Date of the order
  • Price


NOTE: This will require editing tables with super admin privileges in Engage admin dashboard. If you do not have super admin privileges, escalate to L2.

  1. Open URL

  2. Click Manage Resellers.


  3. Click the Search field (Search for...).

  4. Input the Reseller Name.

  5. Click Super to log in to reseller's admin dashboard with super admin privileges.


  6. Click Super Admin in the left panel.

  7. Click Edit Tables and navigate to Plan Map.

    If for some reason an L2 agent cannot access the Edit Tables option, escalate to Engineering.
  8. Click Edit Action for this table.
  9. Search the table for Business ID and click the edit button for the order with the matching start date, end date and price.
  10. Locate the record in question. Invoice records in the table are listed in ascending chronological order. The latest invoices will be on the last page. An invoice can be located by the business/merchant's user ID and amount.
  11. Click Information and save the invoice record information into the ticket as a private note for safety reasons. Click Back.

  12. Click Delete.




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