New Samsung Tablet Setup Process


Once you receive your Samsung Tablet you will have to go through the setup process. This article provides a step-by-step process for setting up a Samsung Tablet.


If the tablet has the Knox logo already this means that Knox was added by the seller. In the scenario that they didn't include the Knox you can get it from the Loyulty website. On the Loyulty Portal, navigate to Services > Bespeak Services and select the option Samsung Knox Configuration - Unkitting.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Choose the language of the Kiosk. English is set to default. Click the yellow arrow button and go to the next screen.


  2. The next screen requires you to set up your WiFi. It is recommended to connect to a wireless network. Select your wireless Network and connect to it. Enter wifi SSID and Password. Once you are connected click Next, at the bottom-right.


  3. You will reach the Terms and Conditions page. Select Next on the bottom-right and agree to the Terms and Conditions. 

  4. When you receive a pop-up to allow Google to check the device, select Accept.

  5. Once it is done, go to the Software Update. You will be requested to add your Google account. In the bottom-right, click Skip

  6. Click Skip again to confirm that you do not want to add a Google account.

  7. Now it will ask you to add your name (Skip this step). Click next on the bottom right.

  8.  Skip, where it says protect the Tablet. You will be asked if you want to confirm to skip the protection. Click Skip anyways

  9. It will ask you for Google services. On the bottom-right, click More and then click Next.
    Note: Check all checkboxes (if not already checked by default).

  10. It will ask you for the Samsung account. Select Skip on the bottom right.

  11. It is going to ask you to confirm if you want to skip it or not. Click Skip.

  12. You will get connected to the SMSMM Sprint account. This will allow your Samsung Tablet to be protected and be connected to the SMSMM account.

  13. After this initial setup (within 5 minutes), the Kiosk will automatically install the Sprint default account, which is the SMSMM account (this could take up to 5 minutes). Once it is done, it will prepare and customize the Tablet based on the SMSMM Sprint account. It will lock the Tablet, similar to the previous Tablets. It will not allow people to install random applications, access the Google Play Store, or surf the Internet.

  14. Once it is done, at the bottom of the screen, click Finish. Now, the Tablet is ready to be used at a Merchants account.


Once complete, select "Finish", and the Kiosk application should start. If not, start the application yourself. Make sure that you "Accept" approval for the Samsung Administration when the Kiosk application starts for the first time.

  1. Attempt to update the Kiosk in case there is a later version available. Then, exit the application using your unlock code.
  2. There may be a pop-up saying an install was blocked. If you see this, click 'Settings' and it will take you to a settings window, where you allow applications from unknown sources. Uncheck the box, so that it will allow further updates without having to access this screen. Then click done once it is installed.
  3. Lastly, go to settings (tablet settings, not Kiosk settings) Settings->Wifi->Advanced Settings (More) and turn Smart Network Switch on: this allows the tablet to automatically switch between 3G and WiFi, depending on the connection quality.
  4. You may also want to disconnect the WiFi network that you configure the tablet on.
  5. Final Step: Turn Off the Tablet, it will require a reboot to allow the APK to have full permissions for the licensee.


Once the setup process is complete, the following screen will be displayed on the Samsung Tablet.




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