Setting Up a Campaign or Campaign Group on a Tablet


This article provides steps to set up a single campaign or campaign group on a Tablet/Kiosk.


  • You already set up the Single Campaign or Campaign group.
  • You have the Campaign Keyword at hand.
  • You remember the unlock code you set up for the campaign you currently have on the Tablet/Kiosk.


  1. On the tablet, tap the Back button, or press the Volume Up button to unlock the Kiosk app.

  2. Enter the unlock code you set up for the current campaign on the tablet and tap GO. If you forgot the code, contact support.


  3. Click the Gear icon to open the Kiosk Settings screen.


  4. If this is the first time setting up a Campaign on your tablet, enter your Domain.


  5. Select Campaign or Campaign Group as the Campaign Type.

  6. Enter the Campaign's Keyword.

  7. Optional:

    1. Enter a new Unlock Code.

    2. Set the Final Screen Hold Time. This is the time, in seconds, that the kiosk will idle on the confirmation screen before returning to the check-in screen.

    3. Set the Campaign Data Refresh Interval. This is the interval at which the kiosk will update the campaign information. A smaller interval will result in increased data usage.

    4. Set the Lock Orientation of the tablet, either Landscape or Portrait.

    5. Enable or disable the Slideshow UI.

  8. Click Save. Once the campaign is loaded on the tablet, it will show the check-in slide you designed for the campaign.



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