Bespeak Facebook Integration


In order to integrate with Facebook, the advertiser will need to log in to the Facebook account where they created their Business Page.


The advertiser will have to select the Facebook values for their business: FB Name, FB ID, and FB Access Token. They will then send the copy of those values to the merchant. Refer to this external article to learn more about how to get the required information.

NOTE: A Developer account is required in this case; personal accounts cannot be used for this purpose.

The following steps will help you in integrating Facebook for Campaign Broadcasts:

  1. Log in to the Advertiser Dashboard.

  2. Choose Settings > Social Media.

  3. Select a Campaign.

  4. In the Or Configure Manually section, enter FB Name, FB ID, and FB Access Token.

  5. Click Save Integration.

Note: Make sure there are no extra spaces before, in the middle, or at the end of any set of values (FB Name, FB ID, and FB Access Token), as any extra spaces may create issues in the entire code.


The campaign (e.g. TGIF) is connected to the Facebook business page.




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