Creating a Campaign Group


A Campaign Group allows you to group multiple Single Campaigns to use the same keyword, allowing Subscribers to choose which Campaign they want to subscribe to during their first kiosk check-in. This article provides the steps to create a Campaign Group.


  • You have at least 2 Single Campaigns


  1. From the Merchant's Engage Business Dashboard, navigate to Campaigns > Campaign Groups.


  2. Click the +New button.


  3. Enter the following information for the new Campaign Group:


    • Group Name - Enter a name for Campaign Group. For example, "Sacramento Subways".

    • Keyword - This keyword is what you will use to link a loyalty tablet to this campaign group.

    • Description - Describe what this Campaign Group is for. For example, "the Subways in the Sacramento area".

    • Campaigns - Select all of the campaigns you wish to include in this group. Each Campaign will be an option that new subscribers will see upon checking in to any tablet linked to this group for the first time.

    • Allow group reward redemptions? - If enabled, rewards earned in any of these campaigns may be redeemed when checking into any of the other campaigns in the group.

  4. Click on Save Campaign Group.


Once you click Save, the Campaign Group will appear on the Campaign Groups list. Now you can assign your Campaign Group to a loyalty tablet.


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