Effects of Modifying A Campaign Reward


You want to modify the reward of a campaign but you are not sure about the effects of this change on the existing reward system for its subscribers. You may have the following queries:

  • When will the current subscribers be updated with the new reward?
  • How the redemption of rewards (by customers) is affected when you change the price or offer of a reward that has been running for some time?


  1. Changes in the reward system will take place immediately.
  2. It is normal to assume that after editing a reward, the new changes will be applied to everyone. However, this is not the case for Bespeak. Once a subscriber earns a reward, it will remain available to be redeemed unless the reward is set to expire after x days, or is redeemed by the subscriber. After a reward's price or offer has been edited, the new changes will only apply to subscribers that earned the reward after it was changed. Those subscribers that earned the reward before the changes were applied, will still have the original reward available to redeem.
    Consider the following scenario:
      1. Your campaign has a Check-In Reward that offers a "Free Drink" for two check-ins.
      2. Customer A checks-in twice and earns the reward of a "Free Drink" but did not redeem the reward.
      3. Customer B checks-in once.
      4. You change the Check-In Reward's offer to offer a "Free Dish" for two check-ins.
      5. Customer A checks-in a third time, and they will still have the old "Free Drink" offer available for redemption.
      6. Customer B checks-in a second time and earns the "Free Dish" reward.

When the reward is changed, those who have already reached the required check-ins and earned the original reward but have not redeemed it will still have the original offer available for redemption (a Free Drink). Those who reached the required check-ins after the change (to the reward) was made, will receive the new offer (a "Free Dish"). The number of check-ins will continue to accumulate for everyone.


Note: The above information is valid for all three types of rewards which are as follows:

  • Check-in reward
  • "We Miss You" reward
  • Birthday Reward

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