Suspending or Terminating a Merchant Account


This article describes the process to manually suspend or terminate a Merchant Account in the Engage Dashboard.


Read the information below before you proceed:

  • If an account is suspended for more than 30 days, the system will automatically terminate the account.
  • If the account is terminated, the system will remove it from your list of Businesses. When you terminate an account, all their campaigns will be terminated as well.

Do not activate an account by logging in to the account and activating it in the Business Dashboard only. Instead, follow the process described below.

  1. From the Engage Admin Dashboard, go to Businesses and find the business you want to suspend or terminate. want to suspend or terminate.


  2. Under the Action column, click the drop-down arrow, and select View Account Details.


  3. Click the Edit button.

  4. Under Account Status, change the Status of the Business to either Suspended or Terminated.



From the Engage Admin Dashboard, go to Businesses and find the business you suspended or terminated.

  • If the business was suspended, its Status will show "Suspended" in yellow.


  • If the business was terminated, you need to click the Show Terminated button to view the account. The Status of the account will show "Terminated" in red.


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