Using the Merchant's Curbside Dashboard


This article provides steps to access the Curbside Dashboard, add a customer to the Curbside Campaign, exchange messages with a customer, and check in a customer.


  • You must have enabled the Curbside feature for at least one of your Campaigns.
  • As a Merchant, you will need access to your Engage Business Dashboard to use the Curbside Dashboard.


Accessing the Curbside Dashboard

  1. Login to your Engage Business Dashboard and go to Curbside or use the standalone URL format below to access the Curbside PU (replacing <domain> with your domain.

  2. Once you are in the Curbside Dashboard, you will see a list of all customers with a Curbside order, to whom you can view and exchange messages, as well as performing a touchless check-in to the Campaign.


  3. At the top, you will see the following buttons and fields:

    1. Add a Single Customer

    2. Bulk Add Customers

    3. Search - Enter the customer's name or phone number to find their order.

    4. Campaign - If you have Curbside enabled for more than one Campaign, select it from the drop-down to view the orders made to the other campaign.

Adding a Customer

  1. Click the "Add Customer" icon.


  2. Enter the customer's information:

    1. Enter the customer's name.

    2. Enter the customer's phone number.

    3. Optional: Enter a note you want to add for the customer.

    4. Select the Message Type you want to associate with the customer.

    5. Determine if you want to send them the default Welcome Message for the Curbside Campaign.

  3. Click Save.

Receiving and Replying to Messages

Once the Welcome Message has been sent to the customer, they can reply to it, and you will be able to see their messages and reply to them from the Curbside Dashboard.

  1. In the Curbside Dashboard, click the Messages button for the customer you want to message or has sent you a message.


  2. The Message Customer pop-up page will appear. From there, you can see the messages the customer has sent to you and the ones you have sent to them (if any).


  3. Notice that the Text Message field is populated with the Message Type you set up when creating the customer.

  4. To send the pre-populated Message Type, click the Send Text Message button.

  5. When the customer arrives at the pickup location, they should text you their spot number. Once you receive the merchant's message, the Message button on the Curbside Dashboard will be updated with a new notification.

  6. Finally, when the order has been delivered/fulfilled, click the X button to remove the customer from the Curbside Dashboard.


Checking in a Customer Through Curbside

Once the customer has been created, the check-in button will allow you to perform a Touchless Check-In for the customer. When you click the check-in button, a pop-up page will appear, showing how many check-ins until they earn a reward and a list of rewards currently available to them.




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