Enabling Curbside Pickup for a Merchant


The Curbside feature allows Merchants to capture the customer's information and notify them via text message that they have received their order and the time it would be ready for pickup. This article provides the step-by-step guide to enable the Curbside feature for a Merchant.


For Merchants to use the Curbside feature, they will need access to their Engage Business Dashboard. For more information, refer to the article on Providing Merchants with Access to the Business Dashboard.

Note: The Campaign that you want to associate with Curbside should not have Age Gate enabled. Otherwise, you will need to create a new Campaign.

Step-by-step Guide Of The Process


You can access the Reseller Engage Admin Dashboard from the Admin Dashboard for support by searching for the reseller name in the Manager Resellers tab and then logging in as ADMIN.


  1. From your Engage Admin Dashboard, navigate to Curbside > Home.


  2. Find the Merchant for which you want to enable Curbside and click Activate.

  3. After activating the feature, click on Campaign List.


  4. Find the Campaign you want to associate with Curbside, and click on Activate.


  5. After activating the Campaign, the Edit a Client Account page will appear.  If a campaign is already activated for an account, click Edit next to it for the Edit a Client Account page:

  6. Enter the following information in the Options tab:


    1. Determine the name format you want to use for the customer's name, either "Name LastName" or " LastName, Name".

    2. Determine whether you always want to send a Welcome Message to the customer when created in Curbside.

    3. Enter the Welcome Message that is sent when the customer is added to the paging list.

    4. Determine if you want to send the Welcome Message to the customer's email address on record.

    5. Enter the additional email addresses you want to CC in the message notifications. Enter the additional email addresses that will receive an email notification on receipt or delivery of a message. This is useful for CRM integrations.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Select the Message Types that are relevant for the Merchant.
    Message Types are template messages that can be customized from Curbside > Message Types.mceclip0.jpg
    When editing the message types in Curbside, there are several dynamic variables that are available to help personalize the messages:

    1. ::name:: - adds the name of the customer to the Message
    2. ::client:: - the name of the Campaign associated with Curbside
    3. ::phone:: - the phone number associated with the Merchant
    4. ::date:: - Current system date that the message is being generated
  9. Click Next. You may have to scroll all the way down to find the button.

  10. Select the Columns you want to enable for your Merchant's Curbside Dashboard:


    • Waiting For - This shows the time the customer has been waiting for the order.

    • Type - This shows the type of order the customer made.

    • Phone - This shows the customer's phone number.

  11. Click Save.

Now that the Curbside feature is enabled for your Merchant, you can provide them the guide to use the Merchant's Curbside Dashboard in Engage. Remember to provide your Merchant access to their Engage Business Dashboard to use the Curbside Dashboard.



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