Understanding Message Totals in Merchant Account


This article explains what Message Totals are and how they can be displayed in a Merchant Account.



Follow these steps to view Message Totals and understand what they mean in your plan:

  1. Log in to Business/Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Go to My Account My Plan to view Message Totals as in the example below: 


  3. SMS Messages shares the allowed or credited messages from all plans with the number of messages that have been sent and are remaining.
    • In the example shared above, there are 1500 allowed or credited messages from all plans, from which 335 have been sent, and 1165 are remaining.
  4. Whereas, Prepaid Message Credits - SMS shares the same details for messages that were not received or credited through regular Purchase Plans (for example, One Time payments or allotment by Licensees to Merchants as a goodwill gesture). 
    • In the example shared above, there are 2000 messages purchased through means other than regular purchase plans), from which 1859 have been sent, and 141 are remaining.



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