Viewing History of Rewards


This article shares the process to view the history of a reward put up for a certain campaign.

This is helpful for agents for checking when the reward was earned, claimed, and other information related to it from the merchant account.


Follow these steps to view rewards history for a certain campaign.


Agents can access the Reseller Engage Admin dashboard from the Admin Dashboard for support. Search for the reseller name in the Manage Resellers tab and login as ADMIN. 


  1. In the Engage Admin, go to Reports > Rewards.
  2. Select the correct Merchant Name for Business field.
  3. Set a custom range for Dates. You might want to check when the campaign was created as a starting point (Merchant Dashboard > Campaigns > Single Campaigns).
  4. You should see all the rewards under the Merchant Account. You can export to CSV and open it with excel to apply filters like campaign name, reward name, etc.

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